Drawing and Painting: Day 2

The silhouette landscapes are done and they came out great! Today students created land scenes on their “shade” (blue + black) paper which had to include some sort of vertical element coming off of the land (building, tree, animal, boat, etc.) We spent some time discussing the idea of silhouette and what is and is not visible within a silhouette. These were cut out and glued to the “tints” (blue + white) paper they created last week.   The results are a great visual representation of the color blue and it’s range of values.  Though not part of my original plan, these glowing moon skies were also a nice way of celebrating last night’s full moon and eclipse!

We also spent some of our class learning to draw people by breaking the human form into shapes, most specifically, ovals.  Students practiced creating figures in different positions by altering the placement of their shapes.  Once students felt ready, they began work on an apple-picking painting in which figures will be picking apples in the orchard. We began drawing the trees and figures today and will work next week to complete them!