Sculpture: Day 1

Today was all about jellyfish and owls!  The jellyfish seemed particularly intriguing to the kids…nothing like beautiful ribbons, silks, strings and glitter to entice the inner artist! We started by attaching the hanging elements to the inside of the bowls and then decorated the outside of the bowl with tissue, Mod Podge and glitter to complete the jellyfish.  In addition to our discussion about process and how to use the materials to get successful results, we also talked some about color and how to create unity or contrast with the material options we had. The finished products came out beautifully!!

After a brief snack break we moved onto owls which we made using recycled egg cartons.  A little glue, paint, some feathers and paper and the kids had transformed their cartons into unique owl sculptures!  My goal for them was to create unity through their use of color and materials, to find ways of indicating feathers through the use of actual feather texture or implied painted texture and to come up with unique solutions to create their sculptures given the materials they were provided. They did great!