Birthday Parties

A birthday party at Art Always can take many forms. Some families choose to have an entire birthday party at the studio (art, cake, presents, etc.) whereas other families come to the studio for the art component of the party and then head out to other locations for food, presents, etc.

General Guidelines:

Art Always provides:

The studio space for the duration of the party, paper plates, bowls, cups, napkins and utensils (you are welcome to bring your own if certain colors, themes, etc. are desired).

Art Always does not provide (though you are welcome to bring):

Party decorations (though I will happily help you set them up!) Party favors Food and drink (The studio has a small refrigerator but currently, no freezer. Please plan accordingly if ice cream is part of your eating plan. There is a convenient store across the street where ice cream can be purchased if desired.)

ArtAlways expects that at least one parent/adult (more are welcome!) will stay and help for the duration of the party.

ArtAlways will provide a directions page and information about the studio to include in party invitations.

The Art Component:

Art Always will work with you to come up with an art project that seems appropriate for the age and skill level of the group and the interests of your child. If a child has a birthday theme or a desire to create a certain product, I will do my best to help you realize that goal.

Art Always also provides a Project Brainstorm Page which outlines a variety of projects which tend to work well in a party setting. This list is meant to be a starting point – projects can be modified, added to or new projects ideas can be offered!

You may either choose one project that the entire birthday group will work on at the same time or you may choose several projects/materials to be set up as stations during the party.

Pricing and Additional Information:

2 hour party – $175 (plus the cost of materials) 2 hours works well for a party which will use the studio for making art and then a birthday treat and opening presents. The art project can take anywhere from 60 – 80 minutes leaving ample time for other activities.

1.5 hour party – $150 (plus the cost of materials) A one and one half hour party is the perfect amount of time to come to the studio and make art. Usually the art project takes between 60 – 80 minutes, leaving some time for getting started and cleaning up.

1 hour party – $125 (plus the cost of materials) This is a good amount of time for younger kids (4-6 year olds) to come and make art or for children of any age to complete a simple project.

Materials charge: The material charge varies depending on the project(s) chosen and the number of party participants. Typically the material charge ends up being approximately $2-$4 per participant. Certain materials (particularly clay and wood) result in a higher material charge. For basic art-making materials like paper, glue, or other materials that abound in the studio, there is no material charge.

Payment: Upon scheduling a party, a $50 deposit is required.

Full payment is required at the time of the party.

Number of Participants: The space comfortably accommodates up to 15 children plus adult helpers. Please contact Lindsay with questions.