Welcome to Art Always!

Art Always is an art school for children, teenagers and adults located in Florence, MA. The studio runs group classes, after-school workshops, private lessons, parent/child workshops, summer camps, and birthday parties out of a beautiful studio overlooking the Mill River. Its mission is to provide a fun and supportive environment where students feel safe to explore and develop their art-making skills and creative potential. Art Always hopes to provide students with the skills and support needed to communicate visually and become more confident in their abilities as artists.

Art Always is run by Lindsay Fogg-Willits. ¬†After graduating from Skidmore College, where she received a BS in art in 2002, Lindsay moved back to Northampton and opened Art Always. In addition to her work at Art Always, Lindsay taught at Northampton High School as an art teacher from 2003-2007 before leaving to pursue Art Always and her work as a fine artist full time. She is also a drawing and painting teacher at the Hill Institute in Florence, MA , as well as their Kindergarten art teacher and is adjunct faculty at Springfield College. Before starting a summer program at Art Always in 2011, Lindsay was Administrative Director of Deerfield Academy’s Summer Arts Camp (DASAC) for six years. She lives in Florence with her husband and children.

You can visit Lindsay’s personal site as well at: www.lindsayfoggwillits.com